Several updates have been coming up on how to watch YouTube videos for free on glo and other network but Lukastech is here with a trick that can enable you not only to watch but to download YouTube videos for free from YouTube using Vlc media player, and it have no network restriction I.e it works with all sims. And it also saves data.

Yes… it is possible. YouTube videos can be watched and could also be downloaded using vlc media player for free. This is what you must do.

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How to Watch YouTube Video for Free

1. First of all, copy the link of the video you are watching.
2. Then open vlc media player.
3. Under the “media” menu, it has an option named “Network stream” and that’s what you must choose


4. Inside the network stream window, paste the link you copied into the network url and just hit play.

This plays the YT video in vlc media player with no issues.

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How to Download YouTube Videos for Free

1. Press Ctrl + J which open up the codec info window. From that window copy the location url from the text area.

2. Now, paste this copied link in a browser like chrome or firefox. As it is the root path of the YT video, it plays the video as a normal HTML video which could be downloaded just like that by clicking the download button

or by right clicking and selecting “Save as video”. Thus you can download videos using vlc media player or any other video player with network streaming capabilities in a few simple clicks.

The problem with this technique is that it can let download only non encrypted videos which means some videos like official musical videos, trailer videos and movie videos will be protected by YouTube which couldn’t be downloaded using this technique.

There’s also another technique which let’s you download the originally processed YT video files and also audio files separately. So if you’re interested then here’s the video guide.


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