See the source imageThe Samsung Galaxy S10, incidentally, is also said to come in four different models, one of which will launch with 5G support later on. It’s entirely possible that it will launch alongside the Samsung Galaxy F, which SamMobile also was able to exclusively report on. With the model number SM-F900U, the Samsung Galaxy F will be available at launch with 512GB of storage.

See the source imageIt will be available in both silver and black colors, so not quite as many color options as the Galaxy S10. We already know quite a bit about Samsung’s upcoming foldable smartphone, and with native support for such devices in Android, it’s only a matter of time until we see it launched.

The Samsung Galaxy F could cost over $1,700, making it one of the priciest Android smartphones to ever be released. Final pricing hasn’t been decided yet, though it’s expected to be somewhere around that value. Given that display folding technology is so new, it only makes sense that such an exclusive feature will cost a lot more than what we’re used to from a smartphone.

See the source imageIt also will serve a lot more of a niche market than a regular smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage retailed at $1,200, so even over that, the Samsung Galaxy F is somewhat of a steep increase. Still, it’s not a phone aimed at the masses just yet.

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