Buying a car is a big dream for most of us, having a vehicle that can help us save cost on transportation and greatly increase our mobility is really good. The wonderful excitement of buying a car was one I felt when i bought my first car.

Buying a car in Nigeria can be a really stressful issue especially with fraudulent car sellers and people selling really bad vehicle which they’ve worked on to hide various faults.

Here are some tips you can follow to help you choose the right car and to also be weary of fake cars in the market.

  1. Always be accompanied by a very good mechanic that you trust: Many people have fallen into the hands of dishonest car dealers who sell them really faulty cars. One of my friend had an issue like this where he bought a used Honda Civic 2008 car from a car dealer only to have the car completely pack-up after 3 weeks of use. A good mechanic can help you detect alot of hidden faults with a car and save you countless stream of future stress.
  2. Check The VIN of the Car you want to purchase: This is one of the most important precautions that you should take when purchasing a car. Many people have fallen victim to purchasing stolen cars which causes them a-lot of police issues, some even being sent to prison and paying alot of charges. Always check the VIN number of a car before making a purchase.
  3. Always demand to see the original papers of the vehicle: This is crucially important, always demand to see the original papers of the car you want to purchase when you’ve seen a car that seems good all-round. This would help alot to give rest of mind especially when dealing with customs.

There are many other more precautions to take when making a purchase but these 3 are one of the top 3 I advise people to take when making a purchase.

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